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Apparently, researching is considered uncool nowadays.

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The case surrounding German 17-years-old gunman Tim Kretschmer has proven to be quite embarrassing for the German press. Not only were information leaked to the public yesterday with regard to the perpetrators name, but now this:

Bild.de has proven itself to be... utmost terrifying by their "informativeness".

Bild.de has proven itself to be... utmost terrifying by their "informativeness".

German yellow paper press Bild.de (infamous for their “researched” and sensational articles) got trolled by a forgery taken from Krautchan and still takes it seriously. 10/10!

First of all, Bild.de states that they “show the blog entry“; however, it can be easily said that it’s not a blog, but posted into a chan image board.

Now contradicting themselves, the article itself says that his announcement was posted into a chat room a few hours before the massacre.
Just because they found this on the internet does NOT mean chat, or even blog. As far as I’m concerned, they just used the word “blog” to sound trendy as blogs have become quite popular to the general masses some time ago.

Krautchan forgery - click for original size!

Krautchan forgery - click for original size!

After quoting the screen shot above, Bild.de believes the follwong:

Ein jugendlicher Leser nahm den Chat allerdings nicht ernst.
An adolescent reader didn’t take the chat serious though.
— Bild.de

Now, I’m really curious in which way the screen shot indicated that it was another teenager he “chatted” with. In my view, it’s utterly despicable to make up information and even taking forgery seriously without getting to the bottom of all things, although I shouldn’t be half as surprised as I am. Knowing that it is indeed from Bild, I facepalmed so hard I nearly concussed myself.



Bild.de should be urged to take a look at Krautchan:

Quality journalism

Unfortunately, our tiny server can’t handle the current rush. There’s nothing to see anyway, since the German press was unfortunately fooled (and probably not for the first time either) by a forgery.

No killing spree was announced here, there are only people who know how to use Photoshop.

Apparently, researching is considered uncool nowadays. It’s bad enough to copy from Wikipedia, but from here? Christ.

EDIT: Even the website of German broadsheet paper Die Zeit gives a report about Tim Kretschner announcing this on the internet…. That’s really utmost embarrassing.
EDIT: Krautchan has extended their message, now showing the original. Here‘s the fake one in a bigger resolution.

This is the most awkward duck/Ente I’ve seen in my whole life :’D.


Written by piccu

March 12, 2009 at 4:27 PM

Tim Kretschmer: Do murderers savor the right to have their identities shielded?

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Concerning the school shooting in Winnenden, many controversies were introduced, which are probably relevant to possible future events. The following points are open for dispute with regard to Germany’s information handling, legitimacy and overall judicial system.

Preservation of personality rights of a spree killer?

Being the first German platform that published Tim Kretschmer’s full name, the blog Roadrunner has garnered an enormous amount of both criticism and assent in doing so.

The general consensus advocated for having his names published; on the one hand, to avoid confusion as the abbreviation of the name to Tim K. could have applied to many other boys unrelated to the shooting. On the other hand, the blogger Roadrunners and a number of anonymous commentators are convinced that by conducting such a disgusting deed, the murderer has lost any right of ensuring his personality to be protected.

Nonetheless, quite a number of people demanded the name to be taken down, in accordance to German personality rights. However, according to German law, the legal position is unclear, due to the fact that these were never explicitly regularized.

“Killer PC games”

What’s typical for German society is that lots of politicians demand the absolute banning of all kinds of “Killer games“, such as Counter Strike, since it is claimed that the aforementioned corrupt the minds of teenagers and might even be the source of all evil.

Although it is quoted by Anonym (11. März 2009 18:13) that Tim K. “wasn’t interested in computer related things”, linking to this article, the anonymous obviously didn’t it till the last paragraph which portrays the testimony of a friend, saying that perpetrator did play shoot-’em-up PC games. Nevertheless, this point has to be confirmed in either cases.

Parents – accessories to the crime or victims themselves?

Tim Kretschmer’s father who was a member of a local Schützenverein legally owned an arsenal of 15, which are to be locked in a safe in accordance to German law. Despite this, the weapon used was stored unsecured in the bedroom which enormously facilitated Tim K.’s access to firearms thus, the father can be put responsible for such an negligent act.
Keeping the aforementioned in mind, by having the full name published, the parents might become the target of attack, owing to the fact that it is certainly not difficult find out the address and telephone number of Tim K’s family.

At the very least, the father wasn’t a particularly great gunman.
— anonymous person, who linked to the ranking list of the father’s Schützenverein, where he placed 24 out of 26 listed. What’s relevant is that the telephone number is right next to the name as well.

Speaking from own experience, it didn’t take me longer than two minutes minutes to check a few social networking sites (including SchulerVZ, StudiVZ) and the local telephone book.
Albeit, Tim Kretschmer’s profile was taken down from Facebook and MySpace, the group Let Tim Kretschmer burn in hell links to a Google cached version of his profile.

I appreciate any kinds of comments, for this is my very first blog post here.

Written by piccu

March 12, 2009 at 2:48 PM