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Apparently, researching is considered uncool nowadays.

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The case surrounding German 17-years-old gunman Tim Kretschmer has proven to be quite embarrassing for the German press. Not only were information leaked to the public yesterday with regard to the perpetrators name, but now this:

Bild.de has proven itself to be... utmost terrifying by their "informativeness".

Bild.de has proven itself to be... utmost terrifying by their "informativeness".

German yellow paper press Bild.de (infamous for their “researched” and sensational articles) got trolled by a forgery taken from Krautchan and still takes it seriously. 10/10!

First of all, Bild.de states that they “show the blog entry“; however, it can be easily said that it’s not a blog, but posted into a chan image board.

Now contradicting themselves, the article itself says that his announcement was posted into a chat room a few hours before the massacre.
Just because they found this on the internet does NOT mean chat, or even blog. As far as I’m concerned, they just used the word “blog” to sound trendy as blogs have become quite popular to the general masses some time ago.

Krautchan forgery - click for original size!

Krautchan forgery - click for original size!

After quoting the screen shot above, Bild.de believes the follwong:

Ein jugendlicher Leser nahm den Chat allerdings nicht ernst.
An adolescent reader didn’t take the chat serious though.
— Bild.de

Now, I’m really curious in which way the screen shot indicated that it was another teenager he “chatted” with. In my view, it’s utterly despicable to make up information and even taking forgery seriously without getting to the bottom of all things, although I shouldn’t be half as surprised as I am. Knowing that it is indeed from Bild, I facepalmed so hard I nearly concussed myself.



Bild.de should be urged to take a look at Krautchan:

Quality journalism

Unfortunately, our tiny server can’t handle the current rush. There’s nothing to see anyway, since the German press was unfortunately fooled (and probably not for the first time either) by a forgery.

No killing spree was announced here, there are only people who know how to use Photoshop.

Apparently, researching is considered uncool nowadays. It’s bad enough to copy from Wikipedia, but from here? Christ.

EDIT: Even the website of German broadsheet paper Die Zeit gives a report about Tim Kretschner announcing this on the internet…. That’s really utmost embarrassing.
EDIT: Krautchan has extended their message, now showing the original. Here‘s the fake one in a bigger resolution.

This is the most awkward duck/Ente I’ve seen in my whole life :’D.


Written by piccu

March 12, 2009 at 4:27 PM